1. high life by (Cookie productions)

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    Glass Olive

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    Amanda Jasnowski (por emmzies)

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    KUBRICK: An Art Tribute Show to the Films of Stanley Kubrick" at Spoke Art.

    Spoke Art will be presenting over 60 artist’s work of art dedicated to Stanley Kubrick in their new show “KUBRICK” which opens on Saturday, September 6th in San Francisco, California.  Kubrick is responsible for some of the greatest films in history, which leaves plenty of room for contributing artists to draw from.  The work above is by Tracie Ching, Kate Copeland, Epyon5, Bartosz Kosowaski, Sam Gilbey and Guillaume Morellec.

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    A few more beats and a redhead

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    Maggie Ryan, “Miss Coffee House”, at the Insomniac, Hermosa Beach, California, 1960

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    Sons of Anarchy
    Season 7 Promotional photos

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  10. my baby is on fire

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